hey! i have to get some stuff off my chest before i explode so here it goes!

im that type of person who is nice to everyone listens to everyones problems but no listens to me i have no one to talk to about them and i feel so alone! in my family we don't hug eachother at all i barley ever get hugs so i really don't like them we argue alot about un-important things. i hate it when people use me and honestly no one cares what i have to say! it sucks the thing i hate most is being called stupid or worthless it hurts me the most and because of that and my family i have low-self esteem and bad trust issues.

well thanks for reading and please comment!XD
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I know how you feel.. I have a lot of feelings bottled up too. I don't know any lesbians apart from my sister in law, but I don't know her very well and she lives in another state! This is why this site is awesome.. You can talk to people that know what you're feeling.

Everyone thinks they are worthless every once in a while, some way more than others. But just remember that you're not worthless, and if anyone ever tells you that they are a freakin idiot!!

this is so right!


hi you know from messages I hope that you are important and valuable don't ever think not.

thanks yulico! that means alot!