As I already said i don't tell everything to my friends even my best friend
Its not difficult to  tell her  about  my problems but  I know i can only bear it....lolz  why should  i grab her too in my problems...(best friend)
BinteEshrat BinteEshrat
22-25, F
2 Responses Jan 19, 2013

pagloo...... i dont know what will u do when u grow up

remember I am business student
or I will do rotiyon ka business:p

hahahaha.. ok .. no matter which buisness u do if u think the same as u do now u will face a massive lose one will buy your rotiyaaan lol

I appreciate you and the way you thinking
but its good sometimes to share what you feel with your Friends

yeah i keep sharing.... and have fun too,
but not that stuff which make someone sad...........
thanks for the comment,........:)