Too Much

I like to think of myself as an open person but that's only true partially.  All people mask themselves in some ways and only reveal what they want to about themselves.  But I know there are a lot of things that I feel guilty about that are really not that big of a deal but I keep them to myself.  It's funny how when you day something out loud it sounds different than when you say it to yourself.  Sometimes I think something and then I mention it to my friends and as it's coming out I realize how crazy I was to think it, or how not serious at all the problem was.  It think it's amazing how as soon as they are verbalized you get a more true picture as to the nature of the thought.  But I let way too many things lie around and fester.  Definitely unhealthy.
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dec 2006!!!

not so many months ago and for years before that i found myself holding it all in. it was dec 07 when i realized how unhealthy it was. i'd begun taking out all my hostility and aggression on inanimate ob<x>jects over the slightest, unassociated irritating things. now i will think about it for a couple days and when i've calmed about it internally and am sure i am able to maintain composure while speaking about it to whomever, it is then i will approach them. sometimes it's ludicrous but mostly after having thought about it for several days it's usually well worded and valid. the invalid and ridiculous are generally filtered out in my thinking days and i tend not to bring them up at all and simply chalk it up to me being hypersensitive.

I do the same things. It can get aggravating, not just to others but to myself.

Agree. I had "secrets" that I kept for years. Then I fell in love with someone and wanted to tell him everybody. I warned him that all this was heavy and got up my confidence and spilled it. He was barely interested. Turned out that all my deep dark secrets were just normal stuff. Quite a relief to get rid of that burden.