It's not like I have to share them, I'm still keeping my novel to myself even though people ask to read the draft...I say no, I'm keeping it to myself and I will be the first to read it.

I keep this site to myself, the only person I have told that I'm active here is my Mum, and that because she deserves to see into her crazy sons mind through some means. I don’t know if she reads my stories, but she has that option available.

And I am a very quiet person in person...because who wants to hear my crazy opinions during casual conversation?...let alone whether it’s relevant. Sometimes I just think, and it’s good to think to myself, and if I tell someone my thoughts…well, that is a big ask…I’m either too young to be talking about such things, or I’m not a scientist in that field and so not qualified to comment on it.

I’m tired, words are coming in slushes. Sluhuramanicoratithicus


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2 Responses Jun 27, 2007

Hey we all need to be participants, not people just observing live. What a terrible thing to just sit by and watch life go by without jumping in and getting involved and really living. I don't want to spend my life just watching. I want to participate.

This world needs more people who think instead of sitting around crowing about who was picked on *insert stupid TV show*"OMFG I know how could they have chosen him/her" Feel free to throw any random thoughts my way on anything. I am always a willing ear to the random, strange and questioning nature of humanity.<br />
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