Who Would I Be If I Didn't

If I share...would it make any difference to who I am ? Or how people see me ?  I keep things to myself because i need to. Who would I be if I didn't ?

Sometimes on the rare occasion I do share something, Lets say .... umm I share a Poem or Story that i need to get out of my head so it doesn't float around in my mind... I share this part of myself because It makes ME feel better.... ME.

I find some people tend to not give a **** and say something that hurts and I get the overwhelming urge to retreat.... and why do I even bother then takes the place of what i have done ... and it makes me feel I have no right to share a part of myself... When some people don't see why I needed to.

Like I'm not worthy or ready too. 

I keep too many things to myself ... WHY ? because I need to protect myself.

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
2 Responses Jul 29, 2007

I think im like a jack-in-the-box.. I can LEAP out of the box and Surprise a few people. Only to be pushed back inside. Im working on a way to get out of my box and Retreating to have a good look at whats going on with me and around is something i think i shall do. : ) thankyou

Well thats funny, you just described me in the shortest way possible. I like to build a castle around myself and forget to lock the front door... I think retreating is good for me because I get to step back from everything and take a real good look at whats going on with me and around me.