Bad Past Experiences.

On the rare occasion I would open up to someone they would in future use what I told them against me. It has happened to me way too many times. Never again.
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i know what you mean. you didnt choose your past you didnt ask for it and if you tell anyone they think your lieing or use it to hurt you.... you feel even more alone then you did before because now you not only have to deal with your past you have to deal with the fact you now know you cant trust anyone

Thats is so sad but true

That is terrible but so true. Anytime I tell my husband something I did in my past even if it was 10 years ago, we can be arguing about something, and he will throw it in my face, if it is relevent to the arguement, so Ive learned as much I want to talk about things, I cant. Even with someone u think u can trust, yall are going to argue, and most people will use your weakness or flaw as ammo against u.

That is terrible..... you can tell us anything here and we won't use it against you... promise....