I Dint Do It

me and my husband went to the abortion clinic and we decided we coulodnt do it, we decided to keep our baby and now im afraid of telling ppl we are having a bby espesh his parents as it will be one long lecture on how we have made our life complicated agen i try not to listen but really gets mee down, and also my mother as i cant tell her just yet as she was really happy we descussed abortion we have two children and rely on nobody to look after them my daughter has slep out 2 nights and she is 15 month an thats when we gt married an that was at my motherinlaws and my son sleeps once a month as she is always askin for him t stop and my mother has never had our children at all so do they have a right to have a go and should influance our decission
88bexi 88bexi
May 7, 2012