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I am a very, strong, hardworking,loyal no-nonsense kind of women. I am a single mother of two, raise my little sister who's 15,and i own a dog,(terrier) (Roxi).  Yea i have taken allot of responsibility's at a young age but I've matured and just own up to it out of unconditional love. My oldest daughter father was my first, knowing him for over 15years now. Shes 10 now. Hes now married with one of his BM and has 4 other children. My youngest daughter father is deceased. Shes 5 now. So I've been on my own for sometime now. I have recently gotten laid off my job and now supporting 3 people with just my income, and no car anymore. Its very tuff, sometimes i feel like giving up, or wishing i could just start over, although that's not an option for me. It gets really stressful around this time of the year because my daughters father is never there. He's one of those persons that just want to do whatever he wants when he wants, and how he wants. Not realizing that's his child and unfortunately it doesn't work like that. If she needs something and its a need not want, its up to the parents to get it. Not just one! She doesn't have a relationship with him at all, and he doesn't see that shes the one that suffers from that. So just dealing with this and my other personal situations, household stuff, it just takes the toll on things. I don't even no who i am anymore, I honestly live day to day, I'm just surviving that's all. I'm not at all happy anymore... How do i get that back??
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You are so brave, a great inspiration to me, and you will just have to be both mother and father. Keep looking for opportunities as I'm sure you already do. Thank you for sharing this story. You are truly amazing.

Tee27.... I will just jump straight into this one..... cant pretend to understand what you are going through...just need to say that in life, there are many situations that we go through and looking back, we say to ourselves " i must hve been a really strong willed person to get thru all that". I know how painful it feels to know that ur child could miss out on fatherly love, seen many girls/women/boys/men who have grown up in single families, associated with them and felt there was something missing. I say you hang in there, try to bring up your kids the best way you know how and not a perfect christian, GOD knows i have lots of issues but prayer gives me hope... ive bn living day by day for twelve months... couldnt make it out of the house at one point.... still have problems but things r looking up and i believe its coz of prayer, dont pray for show... just spare some time every day and pray in your faith, either alone , in church or with Family. GOD will change ur situation.