Why I Could Never Say So Many Things

There is so much I wish I could say. There is a huge and raging frustration within me that I see others on here sharing and venting things I could never share or vent.

First, I would never risk my salvation or yours.

Second, I could never say anything that could remove even a small piece of your happiness.

But I will say this. When I see the impact that others have because they stepped over that line, I am just about beside myself.

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6 Responses Apr 12, 2011

Thank you to ALL my friends. RAM lol are you playing with us? Solia, thanks buddy, but I'm sure RAM meant no offense and I assure you, none was taken. Southern Plains thank you my dearest friend.

Dear Perseverer, You are conscientious with your friends, and everyone else. And this conscientious respect for spiritual health and salvation is one of the reasons you are treasured by me! In my opinion, conscientiousness is a skill the more you use it the more effective you become with it. Thedamram obviously thinks it's an 'ob<x>ject' LOL!<br />
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I'm lost, not sure what the damram means, anyway, back to the topic!

RAM what I meant by "I would never risk my salvation or yours" is I would never compromise a friend thereby leading him or her to sin or an occasion of sin.

Oh Jen, not you too? You girls are so sweet. Actually, I am not offended, even in spite of the tone of this story. Just frustratred. And it is nobody's fault at all! Jen, you are a great friend and someone who really inspires me. So relax!

Lol what could you possibly have said that is offensive? Cheer up! You are FAR from being offensive; in fact, you are a great joy!

I really really hope I have never offended you- I can be a big mouth! Thanks for talking about a little bit that is locked away in your heart though.