Love, pain, doubt, guilt, remorse, lust, and so many other things. My heart is full and is a perfect contradiction of emotions.
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Thanks **hugs**

Writing is a good way to express yourself, too :) even writing a letter to yourself, or to a person (and not sending it ...!!!) if your emotions involve a person.. you'll feel relieved afterwards, like a weight lifted off your shoulders :) let it out, then u can let it go :)

Thanks Angelic. I think that is why my writing is so important to me. I express things that I wouldn't if i couldn't write.

ouch.... never ever ever repress any emotion !!!! Talk about it, cry, tear a pillow apart if you must! but never repress anything! ever! before one day they will be expressed as unnatural emotions... Fear becomes anxiety or mania, anger becomes revenge, sadness becomes depression, lust becomes obsession... :s