Yes, It Is Locked.

I was a shy kid. But later on , I overcame shyness. Now I can face people directly. I can express my views without any fear. I can talk to a random stranger. I reversed my personality in this aspect. EP also helped me this. But when the matter comes to heart, then i am still a shy kid. I don't share feelings which are in my heart. People will think I am weird. But I am working on it. Thanks to EP that I am anonymous here,otherwise I would not have shared that I don't share. :D
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I know how it feels to be shy and its not nice to be shy... I'm always scared that people will judge me if I show them who I am inside and then I think . . . Why should I be shy about the creation of God, He made me the way He wanted me and that's good enough for me... Only Gods opinion matter because He is my creator and people need to start realizing that nobody's perfect nor will they ever be.. Everyone is just unique in their own way and we don't have to be shy anymore - we are all beautiful and wonderful people and we're all the same and there's no exception for anyone. . . PeAce*

Sounds like you are stricking a balance, and getting to a place where you feel comfortable. I'm all for you feeling happy!


Sometimes expressing how you feel is the only way to feel better though.