Do I really want? If I let you know what I really want and what lies inside my heart and how I see and want you in my life it may scare you …you can’t even think also what boundaries My want can cross I sometimes get scared seeing my craziness I can’t make you understand how much it pains me it tears me apart …..I literally try not to think of you so much I feel it can cause you pain cos my feelings that flow are truly from my soul..It may seem unreal ,to me also it seems so but the feeling exist..
Do you really feel ? Do you really want?
Attimes I feel if I just had a little support all pains could have erased every stone could have been turned to shine but …………
Yes it disturbs me thinking its only in my brain ,the cravings, the craziness then I realize it all comes flooding ,the barricades, the dams, the hurdles…….I reclude in my shell just letting my thoughts flow cos pulling all strings I am unable to succeed ..its not that I have not tried but simply became unsuccessful. so I streamlined my thoughts ,my emotions in my own way….
But truly no one knows what future holds everyday unfolds a new chapter
trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Dec 28, 2012