There goes the saying Life is not lived without knowing separation.It manifests because of desire or sometimes from desperation but most times it is brought by fate but our irony we brought ourselves.
Though realizing every moment it is one of life's painful sorrows, there is nothing as heart wrenching as to know separation will fill our tomorrows or the agony of communion never again.
Do we need to pray no because we are denying something gifted its all in our hands the colourful portrait we painted black and white. we destroyed everything or may be I whatever............
We are ready to burn every moment ,even die inside ,every second of existence we can mask to whole world even cheat ourselves but can’t reach out few steps this is what we call love and we boast on it..it makes me smile yes no words can justify actually what goes inside my heart.
To survive separation of loved ones..we must have no regrets, because when the ineffable comes, Guilt-free memories are our only salvation.
I feel so helpless one question haunts why are we doing this to each other but every new dawn brings emptiness because the future looks so bleak and with every passing moment it is confirmed in every way……
Instead of fighting with the world we are fighting with each other , inside expecting an invisible hand to reach out keeping fingers crossed while keeping hands in our pocket so that in no way it should reach out…
Are we protecting our egos ,or are we afraid of rejection,or are we playing with each other or are we really scared of this LOVE…I wonder….
My heart is numbed won’t allow to reach out…neither you will take me in your arms ………soooooooooo
Masking is our expertise and we will cherish all through our life this is the conclusion that can be drawn

last edit to our fairy tale'we denied ourselves ruining the most gifted '

or was it all dream and mind game I wonder……….

trappedwings trappedwings
31-35, F
Jan 11, 2013