Almost Valentines Day

Most couples in the world spend their Valentines Day with the love of their life..

For me, I still missed the last Valentines Day I had with J.  It was one of the memorable moments we spend together..

This year, Valentines Day falls on the 1st Day of Chinese New Year.  I had plans to fly across to be with J but same time I somehow felt no matter how hard I try to be the best lady ... I will never be good enough to be his Valentine every year.

How I wish in my heart that we could spend every Valentines Day together but the reality is... last year will never repeat itself again.

I got him a card yesterday and in my heart I knew the card will be opened, read..placed aside.  When the time comes for him to leave AD...the card will be among the many stuffs that he will not be able to bring along to the UK ...where home is.

I believed being T.O.W to a married man is not only takes up million tears and heartache knowing that someday.... I will not be able to even send a card...

Eternal Eternal
31-35, F
Jan 31, 2010