His Name Was Egore.......rip My Little Egore

I used to work in a pet store in 1979.  i adopted a beige rat and named him egore.  i loved egore and always will.  he hold a special place in my heart.  he grew up in my work jacket pocket.  he know his name and he know what come get a sunflower meant.  i dont think i had him very long, not long enough in my opinon.   one night i took him out to a bar in my pocket.  i was a little nutty.   and i went to a friends house and i lost egore.  i was so upset, the mother of the kids house i was at was way more upset, lol.   i was devestated.  we went to the bar and went to get a ciggarette and walla, there was egore popping his little nose out of my pocket book.   i screamed i found my rat, and the bar got a little quiet, they all looked at mre or around, and the noise level began again.  i took egore everywhere.  he even went to boston on amtrack.  when he got sick, i believe due to inbreeding, i left his tank open as he could hardly move.  i came home one day and he had climed out of the tank onto my fringe hippy knee high boots.  he died there.  i was told it was due to him wanting to be close to me.  it makes me cry, even now.  he was the smartest and best little caged pet i ever had.  I find birds to be just as intelegent.  i also rescued many years later, like 1990 something a rat from being eaten by a snake.  her name was skinkey tinkey and she lived up to the name, never got to have another egore type.  i couldnt carry this one around, so that maybe had something to do with itt.   BTW egore, never, never bit me.  RIP My little Egore.  I miss you.   forever  me
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i loved everything about the pet shop. it was in a store called ugh i dont remember, but it was a take off of a store woolworths. i learned so much. i didnt mind taking care of them at all. i learned in order to tame a bird it has to be alone. if its not too late, and you sure can try, seperate them in 2 cages and in seperate rooms. then leave them be for a few days in their new settings. of course feed them etc. then i would open the cage door and incorrage the budgie to come out alone, of course i would get their wings clipped i neglected to say first before doing this. the fact that they cant fly and you may already know this is a big help. dont mean to insult your intelligence. so i would stand there, obviously one bird at a time, and i would have a bit of my birds favorite snack in my hand. and talk to him. get him to come close to the door and then give him his treat, do that everyday till he ventures out he will prob fly and drop to the floor then you can get him. put your index finder gently flat to his belly and nudge him and say up up. when he gets on your finger praise him, try giving him a bite of a treat. then hold him about five minutes on your finger, be quiet etc. then take your other index finger and nudge up to his belly above his feet and say up up again and try to get him to step up. as soon as you can get him to know what up up is, you are on your way. some birds will let you put your hand in the cage to get them, others dont, its trial and error and mostly the bird must learn to TRUST you. respect him and his wishes. if he nips at you dont yell at him, as this is his only defense its all he knows. i firmly say, "NO BITE" and i pause then try what ever i was trying to do again, say you are trying to stroke his back and he nips you again. i would stop and try again the next day. when he sees you wont hurt him he will prob let you touch him. one of my birds, the parollet she lays in your hand the other the boy, we call him her boyfriend, lol wont. he hates you to pet his back. my cockatiel loves it. but when she molting she pecks me as she is uncomfortable and just doesnt want to be petted. i read a lot of books and learned from alot of people. i learned how to maintain fish tanks. what to do when different types of animals had babies, like whether you remove the dad or the mom for example. anyhow, i could talk for hours. as you can see. my hand is getting tired. maybe we should talk sometime. i had gineau pigs too. by himself my piggy was great when i got his girlfriend and they were pregnant every like month it seemed, i had to give them to a pet shop. the babys were cute, but the last litter there were SEVEN!!!!! hope i helped u,. i love birds. bye for now

awww such a sweet story! I had some mice but hey breed alot so i took them back to the petshop.<br />
Ive wanted to work in a petshop ive done animal studies at tafe and passed. What was the best thing you liked working at the petshop? Egore sounds adorable an i love his name!<br />
<br />
I have two budgies called Sparky and Pebbles but they are hard to tame.<br />
I used to have 2 guinea pigs but they passed awy to the rainbow bridge into heaven. Miss them!!!!<br />
I so wish my budgies are tame.

hi, i now have a bird, named after my daughter, who snuggles up under my chin and i take her everywhere, i have a carry case, and she spends every waking moment on my shoulder when i am home, my husband teases me she's spoiled and she is.... :)

What a lovely story and can relate to feeling love for a seemingly unloveable little creature. I have a ferret Ruby who I have had since she was about 2 months old. Shes 3 now. I've lost her her a few times The first time a neighbor found her poking her head out of a drain pipe a block a away. The next time I thought I had lost her forever and cried and cried but I found her and a few runaways after that she always came back. One time she swallowed a spongy ear plug and spent a week at the vet, when she came home she slept in my bed until she was better. No body understands my love for my little friend. I take her with me in the car, she travels in a picnic basket. She's my buddy, my joy and I love her.