I have helped many people. And more than once, I have kept someone from suicide. I am an optimist. And I love life. And I can give some powerful speeches (which I enjoy doing).  So, when someone is threatening their life, I am right there telling them all the good things about there life and that there IS someone who cares: me. I'm proud to say that I have stopped at least 5 suicides, probably more. I teach people to take life as a gift. They don't have to love it.... but they can't just throw it away.
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Why can't we throw it away it is crap it is pain and suffering with fleeting momenets of happieness it isn't worth it. I am just too scared to end it.

do u keep in touch with them after "pulling them back from the brink"-how do u know they didn't just do it another time? But seriously, I am glad you are happy in life-it's just i get extremly jealous of people who are so happy and satisfied with their lives.