You Fellows Are Having A Bit Of Trouble

Mission Control, this is X-ray-Delta-OneAt two-zero-four-five, on-board fault prediction center in our niner-triple-zero computer showed Alpha Echo three five unit as probable failure within seventy-two hoursRequest check your telemetry monitoring and suggest you review unit in your ship systems simulatorAlso, confirm your approval our plan to go EVA and replace Alpha Echo three five unit prior to failureMission Control, this is X-ray-Delta-One, two-one-zero-three transmission concluded.Let's see if Mission Control agrees, said BowmanHe sat still for a few seconds,Hermes Outlet marshaling his thoughts, then started to dictate a message.It came while Bowman was trying, without much success, to beat Hal at one of the geometrical pattern games stored in his memory.

Through years of practice, Bowman could switch at a moment's notice to this jargon which someone had once christened Technish and back again to normal speech, without clashing his mental gearsNow there was nothing to do but to wait for the confirmation, which would take at least two hours as the signals made the round trip past the orbits of Jupiter and Mars.X-ray-Delta-One, this is Mission Control,Hermes Birkin Bags acknowledging your two-one-zero-threeWe are reviewing telemetric information on our mission simulator and will advise.Roger your plan to go EVA and replace Alpha-Echo three-five unit prior to possible failureWe are working on test procedures for you to apply to faulty unit.Pumping sequence started, repeated HalAt once, Poole could hear the throbbing of the pumps as precious air was sucked out of the lock chamberPresently, the thin metal of the pod's external shell made crinkling.

And we don't want to add to your woesBut if it's convenient to you prior to EVA, we have a request from Public InformationCould you do a brief recording for general release, outlining the situation and explaining just what the xa0sxkw8wjjdw1130 doesMake it as reassuring as you canWe could do it, of course but it will be much more convincing in your wordsHope this won't interfere too badly with your social lifeX-ray-Delta-One,Hermes Kelly Bags this is Mission Control, two-one-five-five, transmission concluded.Bowman could not help smiling at the requestThere were times when Earth showed a curious insensitivity and lack of tactMake it reassuring, indeed!Very slowly, the rail from which the pod was hanging extended itself out through the open door until the vehicle was suspended just beyond the hull of the ship.

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