I Keyed Some Poor Single Mum's Car...

well, actually, i was the poor single mum who had her car keyed by a young woman in a lovely new mini cooper. why? because i parked, before her, just a tiny bit on the white divider line - not over it. she had enough room to park, and had to struggle a bit to get out (gave me a very dirty look as she was getting out), but then she was also overweight. i just had a feeling she was gonna do something given that look was really harsh. so sure enough, i checked my car after buying what i needed, she'd gone, and my car was not just keyed a bit, but an angry, deep key across the entire side.

i was absolutely shocked. i mean, how can someone with such a great car be so angry as to key someone who has a s**t car just cos they feel ive parked a bit too close to the line? the dirty look, wasnt that enough for her?
and how many of you actually think i deserved it??? what is wrong with you???

what she doesnt know is that i got her number plate cos i had a feeling given her look and had noted it before i got out of my car. i havent reported to police given no cctv cameras, however, she has an unusual car and colour and she is local (staff of shop said after i went back in to complain).

so, when i do see her again, and i will, i will return the favour. not the cowardly way by keying her cooper, i will just simply deck her personally.
shame on you lot who have keyed cars, you are nothing but road rage bullies and cowards and vandals cos you havent got the nerve to actually say something to the driver. pathetic.

scum, karma is gonna get u back if i dont myself
did your
mummys drop you when you were babies or something?
barbawhiskey barbawhiskey
Jul 22, 2010