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*Kicks You In The Balls*

So that you don't become a dickhead jerkface.

Its for your own good and for mankind. 
reset reset 18-21, F 13 Responses Jul 22, 2010

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thank you. kick me please in my balls

I love it all ways

Do it to me if you like doing it

thank you and I hope it excites you and turns you on

please need a girl like to kick me in my balls. can I kiss your feet after you kick me?

please kick me in my balls

I totally agree, I think guys should get kicked there at least once a day, to remind them who's In charge ;)

Based on the number of ******** and dickheads out there, we need more women like you.

a man who needs it and loves it, ha ha

I need it lol

I need a girl like you to kick me in my balls and to moan and groan with sexual pleasure as she kicks me in my balls

My boy friend periodically trys to be a turd so i just back hand (slap) his balls and watch him curl up tight. It brings him down to earth. Its an attitude adjustment. My brothers are the same way. One quick kick and they are acting just fine, after they finally get up off the floor. Guys forget that they are weak there and need to be reminded real often.

Wish you were here!


*kicks again with grin on face while Wolfie watches* :D

please kick me in my balls.

(O)__o does every man have to have this? cuz, if so mine will have to be done another day cuz mine are at the errr dry cleaners yeah....