Can't Stay Away!

Yes, I  kicked your butt today. Never mess with the fungirl and her online games playing ability.  Silver taught me well! I don't want to hear that you let me win nor that I was distracting you by having you read stories. LOL.  I kicked your butt fair and square!!! Next time I might let you win. Not likely though so maybe you should stick to the kiddie games lol.

fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
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9 Responses Feb 18, 2010


Win, lose or draw if you are happy I say Hoorah!!!...DD

hehe! y'all.

LOL pacman!

Maybe I should try this game... especially if I can lose to you! ;-)

As a member of the FUNGIRL PACn'FUNGIRL FAN CLUB... I thank you for this informative experience<br />
<br />


LOL it is all in good fun!!!! hehe

LOL such a poor winner. ... lol hahaha i just love how u rubbed it in the persons face