Physical Exam, Really Embarrassing.

My mom and dad took me yesterday to get my physical exam for cheer leading for my junior year. We went and waited in the waiting room for about twenty minutes, and then they called me in a room, both my parents came with. They check my eyes, ears, mouth and reflexes. Then asked my to ***** down and put on a gown, I wasn't sure what for but I did anyway. My doctor came in, a male and asked me questions about my period and body. Then he checked my heart beat and told me to take off the gown. I was really embarrassed because my mom and dad were right there, but I did anyways. He felt my breasts for a few minutes and pinched my nipples a few times, making me really uncomfortable. My dad was turned around so it was a little less embarrassing. Then he told me to take off my underwear and that this was going to be awkward. I took them off and he said he need to examine my lower region. He said he was going to look at my pubic hair first, and while he was doing it he said he noticed some bumps, possibly a rash. He felt the bumps and got another doctor to come. I was really embarrassed to have to have to male doctors and my mom looking at me naked. The doctor told me they were going to have to shave my pubic hair and examine further. So after about 10 minutes of sitting there waiting for the doctor to bring back the razor, my mom starts looking at the rash, and I told her to stop and that she was embarrassing me, she told me to watch my mouth and called my dad over to look, and covered myself with the gown and snapped at her and told them both to mind their own damn business. My dad told me that when I got home I was getting punished and my mom told me to move the gown and let them look. I was really embarrassed, finally the doctor and nurse came in. They shaved the top and then asked me to spread my legs and shaved that part, then asked me to stand up and bend over the table to shave around my anus because the rash spread and looked at the rash and asked me if I had been wetting the bed, I had, but didn't want my parents to know. They told me to be honest or they'd need to run tests on the rash. So I told them the truth and they recommended to my parents that I wear teen diapers and that they prescribe me an ointment that I need to apply all over three times a day and that it had appeared that I wasn't washing well enough. Then the doctor continued with the physical and examined my vagina for about ten more minutes, which felt like forever because my dad and mom were watching. Then he told me to stand up, spread my legs and bend over because he needed to examine my rectum. He spent about five minutes doing this and then told me to relax and that he was going to insert his finger into my anus and that it was going to be uncomfortable, he did it and i squealed and he took it out after about a minute. Then he told me to lay back on the table and asked my mom and dad to come watch how to apply the ointment, he said he recommend that they do it so I don't miss anywhere. Then he told me I could get dressed. On our way home my parents told me we were stopping to get some pull ups and I told them I wasn't wearing them, and they said I was, and I better not argue, but I still refused and they said my punishment was going to be worse, so i stopped. We got them and went home. My mom and dad told me to wait in my room. They came in with the with the paddle and a bar of soap told me to take my pants and underwear off and they made me chew on the bar of soap for 5 minutes, then I got 50 whoopings with the paddle, I was screaming, crying and jumping up and down, my bum was on fire . My mom and dad told me to get in the shower, when I was in there my mom came in and I told her to get out and she slapped my butt and told me she was going to wash me since I couldn't do it myself. I was really embarrassed. Then when I got out she followed me to my room and told me to lay down and that she was going to apply the ointment and I told her I could but she said to lay down unless I wanted another spanking, so I did. She applied the ointment all over and then got the diaper and put it on me. I was so embarrassed.
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It's best to comply with clinicians especially while your parent(s) are there

hi . I so embarrassed when I read this story. How old are you now, and how old you have been than, I think around 13. II think your parent acted very very stupid to allow that. I will glad to answer me.

yeah I actually had almost the same. My story was: I was brought to the gynaecologist when I was 11 bc my period couldn't stop. First, a male doctor examined my breast. He asked me to lay down on the bed then he started squeezing my nipples and pressing on my breast omg he hurt so bad, and somemore, my 22 year old brother and mother were looking at me. Secondly, it's was the pelvic exam. I was asked to lie down again and put my legs on the stirrups then the doctor stretched my vagina quite bad it hurt so much and I ACCIDENTALY screamed sigh then he shaved my pubic hair and asked another 3 doctors to help him that were male ugh then the 4 of them looked and poked around my vagina

That sounds horrible

Well it is embarressing for sure, but if your not mature enough to take care of yourself and personal hygene I could understand your parents frustration and your mums dissapointment in You not being honest about your bed wetting problem and disrespecting your parents at the doctors office. Hope you have solved the wetting bed problem.