On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove.....

We were in church one Sunday and the Pastor was talking about Jesus and doves.  All of a sudden my daughter, who was four at the time and felt very comfortable talking to the Pastor, said "My daddy shoots doves."  Everyone in the church just starting cracking up.  It even took the Pastor a minute to get control of himself.  Then he looked at her adoringly, smiled and said "Yes Kaylin, your daddy hunts birds to eat.  That is okay with God."

silentwitness silentwitness 46-50 7 Responses May 11, 2010

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It was okay with everyone. Our pastor was cool.

It can be tough for these people. When my son was a baby, a pastor said: "if there is anyone here without sin, let him put his hand up". So, I held up the baby. Everyone laughed. Unlike your guy, this one just mumbled weakly "I don't know about that" and went on.

It's dangerous to issue challenges like that!

Not my husband. We live in Texas. We hunt. Nothing strange about that here.

LOL I bet that Dad was soooo embarrassed.

Indeed, silentwitness!

It is one of those memories I will cherish forever.

LOL. Not only do kids say the darndest things, they tend to say them in the darndest times.