My kids are the light of my world. I swear, they say and do the darenst cutest thing.

Yesterday, my 5 year old was in the grocery store with me. We checked out and loaded our car. When we got in our vehicile, it dawned on me that I forgot to pick up eggs. So the two of us, hand in hand walked back in and picked up some eggs. When we got to the check-out counter my little girs says..."Were back again so soon, my mom forgot to pick up some eggs." It was just soo cute.

My 9 year old was eating steak the other day. I said to him, why don't you let me cut it up a little bit more. He said..."Don't worry mom, my teeth can do the work for me."

We had a darn mouse in our house when my oldest was 2. And my little girl was eating a piece of toast and dropped a piece on the floor. She went down to pick it up, and I said, sarcastically..." Don't worry about it, the mouse will eat it." She picked it up and went over to where we knew the darn thing hides all day, and said..."Here Mousey,Mousey."

One time my sister was getting ready to get in a vehicle. She said..."Lets hit the road." My 3 year old nephew bent down and started pounding the road with his fist.

When my little girl was just learning to talk, she over-heard me tell someone we were having chicken for dinner. She said were having cluck cluck. And for hamburger, she would say hamgerbur.

When we were at a family reunion, I overheard someone talking to my 8 year old nephew. They asked him how he fit into the clan of realitives. His reply was... "Lets see, I am my grand-dad's, daughter's, son.
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Jun 15, 2011