According To Aiden He's Depressed

Time to get dressed for school.

Mom says, " Aiden go in and put your underwear on".   Aiden, " I can't Momma, I have the blues!"   His Mom explained to him, " in this family we wear our underwear even if we are sad!   Go put them  on please."     Aiden slumped over..dramatic , dragging his arms like a depressed gorilla, bare bottom still...In the bathroom.."I need privacy when I put my underwear on".   Shuts the bathroom door.   " I'm sad with underwear today".Blue blue blue..I am blue".

Mom rolls her eyes..OMG he's only 3..........
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Every week he comes up with something we can't figure out where he got it from..We look at each other and in unison, " it wasn't me". Cracks everyone up!

We don't know were he picked up the "blues" Maybe a's so funny. I usually tell him we are getting read to do something he loves..I told him to go potty..he didn't want to. He said " No thanks Mamaw". I let him know that we are going outside to play and do sidewalk chalking. First comes potty so there's no accidents. Well that made a difference. Ok Mamaw! Kid's come up with big words. I set his lunch plate down & said here's your lunch..climb up on your chair. Very seriously he said, "Oh Thanks..that would be just perfect!" Smiling like a millionaire. Huh? Ya think It was a 5 star restaurant..He cracks me up. I don't have the party pic yet.. I know..blah..

Harmonica..Ha..I love it. How about a nice spiritual? ". Nobody knows the trouble I've seen". A durge and drums..Thanks for the giggle of the day :>)

Oh my dear. Only three year old. I could hear the harmonica playing in the background. Poor little dude has the blues.

Ha!! If only we adults could get away with that excuse for not wearing them or going to work at all. The boss wouldn't buy our "blues". Too cute.

lol... i guess the boy since he was blue he didn't want anything on him, he wanted to be free. ..i don't know. lol