Aiden Knows Himself

A lot of us know what we're all about. But a three year old?

Playing on th floor with about 50 little toys.  'Aiden' I say,  time to clean up so we can go outside to have an adventure. Aiden runs for his shoes..I told him he has to clean up the cars before we go  ." But gramma I never clean up my toys..That's my Deal !  "
 Me;   '' We aren't going till the toys are back in their box, that's my deal".
'Ok grandma, guess we all have deals''.

Yes we all do'll learn more about that when you begin to grow older my little one. 
wiseowl wiseowl
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2011

He's so funny.Everyday we go for adventures, walks, looking for "junk", as he calls it. He picks up little things as we walk along. " Aiden that's junk. Put it down",, "Grandma, I love junk" <br />
Maybe that's another one of his deals? I hope his memory is maturing enough to recall our time in these early years.Never a dull day with him. I keep a journal so he can read about our days and experiences.

Awwww that is sooooo sweet Owlie :) LIttle Aiden will learn lots lots lots more from Gramma about the deals of life :) Pickin up his little cars is his first step before he gets to enjoy that great adventure you have in mind! What a fun Gramma you are! I know he enjoyed his adventure and will always remember these times as the happiest of his childhood :) xox