According To Aiden Swimming Is No Big Thing

Swimming lession # 3
Instructor; '  Today we will put our heads under the water and hold our breath'.
Aiden;  ' No thank you, not today"
Instructor;  Why not Aiden?'
Aiden; " 'Children shouldn't put their heads under water, it's not safe"
Instructor;   ' would be fun to blow bubbles.Would you like that?'
Aiden;" No. It would put water in my engine  "( his tummy)
Instructor;   'Ok,  Maybe you'll want to do it the next time'
Aiden; " I said NO THANK YOU'
 Instructor tries not to burst out laughing and off to student number two......
No means no even if you're only 3 years old.
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2 Responses Feb 11, 2012

wellb said..........AIDEN

Thanks eyeno..he actually sounds like me..I too can't stand someone urging me to do anything I don't care for. Polite but a straight shooter..well done.