According To Aiden Grandma Needs To Cool It

Mom explains:   Aiden, I'm going to call Grandma so she can come over and watch you today.
Aiden:  " No no no Mama !"
' Why Aiden, I'm surprised.Why do you say that?'
"Cuz Grandma will put on lipstick, get rowdy and get in a lot of big  trouble! "......huh? 
" Cops don't like girls in lipstick".
Too much TV?

Ok, I don't know what brand of lipstick will do that but I want some. 
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3 Responses Feb 27, 2012

Hi FadedBJ, Well.. There's rowdy play doh, whacky legos, rowdy race cars and Thomas the train and tracks.. piggy back rides..hum.Yep, I am rowdy.Cool!

THAT is hilarious! LOL....Thanks for sharing. But, um, what exactly DO You do Grams, when Ya baby sit??? Heheheh >:P

You're so right ..Now everytime I put lipstick on, I say to myself..'I'm gonna get rowdy.'<br />
I love it!