Kids Say The Funniest Things

I'm just in love with my godhild Ellie . She screams " I am cute! I am small! I am pink!" . She also tells me things like " You have a big bum - I have a small bum. Your belly is YUCKY!"  Mmmm. She won't eat my delicious chocolate mouse because it " Looks like poo." Here are a few more of her gems.1.Mummy goose and her gogglings - goslings 2.Mummy swan and her magnets - signets  3.Thomas Toes - tomatoes4.Weedlebaddle - wheelbarrow 5.Morning warship - morning worship   6.Windy house - wendy house 7.Arm socks - gloves  8.Bogetti - spaghetti bolognese   9.Vanessa Ellen - vanilla essence  10.I am being have - I am behaving 11.Hoppleclocters - helicopters  12.Crocolator - cross between crocodile & alligator            13.Lellow - yellow   14.Bo - snow  15.Are you keeping an iron on me? - Are you keeping an eye on me? 16.I'm boring - bored  17.Shoulders - soldiers      18.Radio - radiator 19.Calculator - escalator    20.Twoty Two - twenty two                                                      

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How old is Ellie?

A few bon mots from my kids.<br />
<br />
(from the one who used to lisp.) thnorin' =snowing & great big thnores= great big flakes <br />
(daughter #2) hannger banger=hammer & laundering the grass=mowing the lawn<br />
( from the one who couldn't say her *N*s) well, lets just say that all *N*s were replaced by *K*s and we had an awful time convincing her that she was cute and not funny, because every time she said she was just funning with us, well you can imagine.

You just gotta love those little ones.