The Hunt

I teleport to a place that looks like a mall. I am looking for a specific person, his name is Earl Gary. I turn invisible and start walking through walls, until i come to a classroom type area, and i see him. The class seems to be over, he walks out of the room, and i follow him. he stops at the front doors, and i knock him against the wall. he seems shocked cause he has no idea what hit him. i then throw him int a room that was off to the side. I turned visible again letting him see who his attacker is, then i sink my teeth into his neck and drink his blood.
Even though it was a dream, I could taste his blood, as if i was drinking it in reality. I killed him in my dream, but he's still alive so I know it was just a dream, but it felt so real.
MysataMota MysataMota
18-21, F
Nov 14, 2013