Road Rash Is A Reminder

I've been skating downhill and longboarding for 2-3 years now. My first longboard was given to me by a friend of mine that he found for $30 as a complete. I quickly found out that downhill skateboarding and longboarding weren't necessarily as easy as it seemed. I loved downhill/longboarding the moment I stepped on a board and, as weird as it seems, I liked falling off of it. I'm not saying I enjoy the pain, but I enjoy the feeling of having to work for something. The road rash, the broken bones, the concussions, my surgery, all act as reminders that even though the pain can be unbearable at times, it will always be worth it to wait to heal up and get back to skating. Days, weeks, months on the couch and in bed healing makes getting back on the board that much better. It's about appreciating it for what it really is to me; It's mine. I'm not sure this completely conveys my message clearly or justly but I guess the general message you should take away from it is that, even though you may hate the pain itself, what caused the pain is the one thing you want to keep doing for the rest of your life.
GoFastTakeChances GoFastTakeChances
Jan 10, 2013