Well all i can say is that my summer was as good as always... :3

no better no worse. but thats ok too. lots of lake lots of family. i enjoyed every moment.

Going back to school...... well, it's the weirdest feeling i've ever had anout that idea in my whole life.

Never in my life have i felt so.... indifferent about going back. usually, im sad that the summer is over but im still excites about going back to school and seeing what the year has in store.

but this year..... the only way i can describe how i feel about it.... is "meh"

im not disappointed summer is over.... but im also not jumping up and down with anticpation for the new school year. im just..... "meh"

I'm just kind feeling like i wanna plow through the experience and get it over with, not because i dont enjoy it, because it just hasnt been feeling as exciting and new to me as it used to........

Its fine though. i get to go back, join the LARP club and play DnD at lunch and play pokemon tournoments in the library after school, usual geek stuff. i get to audition for the school musical and flip on the Drama junky switch when need be too. in retaking my math to get a better feel for it and taking AP world history and LA 10 honors; hard classes that i might actually ENJOY for once in my life.

overall, i'm thinking this year should go by pretty smoothly. not really gonna be memorable per say, but it shouldnt be a horrible one.

and i guess im thankful for that :3
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18-21, F
Aug 24, 2014