Kissing After 69

We love 69, and something that we've come to love just as much (or even more) is sharing a long, deep french kiss after 69ing. It is just so hot & erotic to taste the mingling of my *** in her mouth with her *** in my mouth. There is something heady (didn't really mean the pun) about the whole experience. Something else I noticed a long time ago is that she kisses me much more aggressively and passionately just after giving me a BJ - even if it's just a short one. I love the difference and she knows how much I want her to kiss me after she sucks me.
ballzy69er ballzy69er
51-55, M
3 Responses Jul 11, 2010

I love the musky smell/taste of her after my wife has given me a blow job. For some reason I dont remember her tasting different after sucking a guys **** during our MMF. I think that I was just overwhelmed with all the other stimulae.<br />
Now though, I want to just watch her suck her B/F's BBC **** and then kiss her passionatly.

Love kissing after oral!! One of the hottest things my wife has done is after riding me to a few squirting *******, gushing her love juices out onto my **** and balls, she drops to her knees without hesitation and sucks me and her off of me, then we kiss...

Me too!!