Oral Sex (photo included)

It is very rare that I don't either eat my *** from my wifes mouth or ***** after sex. I insist on it. the photo was taken before I started eating her clean of my ***!
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5 Responses Jul 26, 2010

love the taste of *** on my lovers lips after giving me nice slow oral pleasure

sounds good nice pic !

Nice to share the excitement of a filling experience! Thanks for sharing a sexy pic...she is HOT! :-) dc

I have only been able to go down on her after sex a cpl times she has to be pretty drunk to allow it but when she does it seems to really get her off big time.. would love if she would kiss me with her mouth full

Thats hot, can we share?

Should we ask and if she doesn't can we share?

I don't kiss either just want your **** in my mouth and mine in yours but please ***

I need it right now ****