More Than Just Kiss

I INSIST that the man takes a nice big swallow of his own ***. If he doesn't like it, then that's the last time I take it. I find the sight and sound of a man taking his own lovely ***** to be a MAJOR turn on.
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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I AGREE! Sharing is so HOT! Also Have him eat his own or another man's Cream pie and share it with You!

My wife always "collects" my *** when we have oral... I love sharing it with her when we kiss.

I'm totally on board with this. Personally, I would never ask a woman to do something that I'm not willing to do myself.


Um I'm not very experienced there yet but I've done it a few times :-) I just don't have much to work with lol

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I love the idea when she has it in her mouth then I take it all form there to my mouth to swallow it

Would love to share my *** with you

Love tasting myself in a woman's mouth after she's been down on me. Also love kissing a woman while I've got her wetness all over my mouth.

i love eating ***** after i **** it. and love kissing after getting a *******

I can't understand guys that don't like to do this. It's all good, I mean it just adds to the passion. Don't get me wrong, I am not into eating my own *** but when the moment takes me and I am really into someone, I do it and I enjoy it. It's all about being so sexually aroused you will want to share everything with your lover.

love it. i would be kissing you alot. mmmmmmmmm

That is extremely erotic!!! I have never done that before but I would. I like the way you think!!!

I might need a spanking first. A domineering ***** could probably train me.

Wow, that's sexy! Undeniable approval here! lol.

I wanna kiss you right now :)
Oops wait
Let me *** first ;)

And it is such a rush to receive

I love a good snowball

golden kisses

As a man I agree. A huge turn on. Better than the blue pill

Just from your mouth or would you like me to lick from your breasts or your *****?

Just from your mouth or would you like me to lick from your breasts or your *****?

i totally see where your going here why should swllow it if we wont.

I really like your style, I am going to start doing what you do, I never swallow, I will kiss and transfer the whole load into my boyfriends mouth...................HA..............HA


Did you ever do it? (And yes, I see where you made it as a joke...) Just curious. You should read my story I posted yesterday.

Take care,


I love a good snowball.

Damm, I am especially horny now

Does he swallow.

wow a four line story rated up to 24! ten pages of comments! And your so sexy and confident about this, I think you could find lots of guys who would go along with this! I would!

WOW this group came out of nowhere (ok, could be a pun), but yes!<br />
I've never touched on this topic before but I love the taste of things all mixed together, it gives me those sex tingles and a shot of adrinaline. IDK, just had to comment as I'm a bit shy about some groups on EP ; )

yeah... ummmm.... right.<br />
<br />

Very hot little confession/story. I love it both ways…after I have licked a woman’s ***** and she has ***…with my mouth full of her juices and the flavor of her **** on my lips and tongue…I love to kiss her long and deep, sharing the taste of her sweet nectar. I have had the same done for me by my young lover, Heather. After she sucks my **** completely and lets me fill her mouth full of my ***, she will hold as much of it in as she possibly can, smiling as some of it may seep out of the corners of her mouth, and she will slide up to me so we can embrace in a passionate kiss. Our tongues will collide in a pool of *****, the thick, creamy, salty liquid washing back and forth between our mouths as we kiss for the longest time…ending with the two of us swallowing the culmination of her efforts. Afterward??? We usually lay together with each other, stroking each other and kissing until she has me nice and hard all over again. Then I will either devour her ***** once more or we head straight to the shower to make out underneath the hot, cascading waters knowing it will culminate with me ******* her tight, little *** and filling her with my ***. Yummy! Thanks for flooding my mind with such sweet…errrr…”salty” memories!!!

And what would be wrong with that?

Not all my GF's get into it, but for me, I go down right away on a woman I've *** into if she'll let me. I've never seen a woman hotter!

sigh...<br />
<br />
people with no avis....

WOW, control me please. Thank you ma'am may I have another!

hmmm... ANYTHING?

For you? I would swallow just about anything you asked.:)

thats very erotic, I'd never resist a woman passing me *** with her mouth

Well, that is basically what I just did say....

Hmmm... could be either.

Why not? I get one.

I don't want to see any wussying out of it, that's all.

YOu go girl $!!!

Me? Naughty?

O so sexy sabrina, naughty and a little devilish is how I like you... <br />
<br />
white kisses<br />

Ronap, I never said I gave snowballs, just that I think a man should be willing to taste his own *****, just as a woman should be willing to taste her own vaginal juices. If either one finds their own love-juice disturbing, why are they so eager to have their partners taste it? That's all!

mmmmm I like it!

I don't know... is this male vs female or US vs UK or just us and them? I just re-read it and I GUESS he is saying that he is very tired after having an ******, would like to kiss but finds it too much effort, and that those who manage the (apparently) exhausting task of kissing after sex are conceited if they admit it..... WTF?

i still don't get the whole "self congratulation" thing.

@Sabrina, I think he is just saying men lose their horny once they come, so it's easier said than done. And it's true that men lose their horny. But it's also true that some men don't really and love to have that. I'm one of the latter. :)

I think that I have little to no understanding of what English Eccentric just said.

I couldn't agree more, I have done it many times.....not as many times as i have said I want to do it only to chicken out straight after *******.<br />
<br />
Man has to deal with the post *** blues and any man that says different has never tried to do it.<br />
<br />
It is a very sexy thing to do, but going through with it is not so easy. So there is some self congratualtions along with the *** if you manage it.<br />
<br />
Just a mans perspective.

I always love to have my own come, whether it's after oral sex, or if I lick it from my wife's *****, or even if I ********** I generally eat it. So this is very hot for me, and I love that you make sure the man is kissed so that he gets a mouthful of it. That's amazingly sexy.

why aren't there more wonderful women in the world like you Sabrina

I enjoy ***, and have had my wife snowball me with my and the ***** of other men as well. Big turn on!

Sabrina<br />
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Perhaps you should talk with her.

Id love to make out with you after I love ***

The first time I came to quickly inside a new lover...I tried to mask it and dove down to eat her *****. I said "mmm you're all wet"...and she simply replied, "that's all you baby, suck it ". Thus began a flavorful relationship.

Let me know if you are ever in NJ. I'll eat my *** for you.

My wife does this to me; I love it.

my god, if you did that to me i think i'd nigh on *** again!!!

I imagine that if this act is unthinkable to you, we would never have had any relationship at all.

I love first some vaginal penetration, then some 69, then some deep french kissing. This way we both get to taste ***** and **** and tongue.

With you all the way Sabrina. I love to kiss after oral and swop snowballs.<br />
Share and share alike<br />

i had a girl do that to me and she would push me to do more. i was soon licking up *** anywhere she wanted me to lick it up.. at first i did not like it but i soon grew to enjoy it

Why would any girl think this is repulsive?

In my experience, I find that even if you're not into it, to kiss a woman right after you've *** in her mouth makes her feel good about what she just did for you, rather than feeling like she was doing something repulsive.

omg ilove that

i sooooo agree. first, i find that act to be super sexy, and can lead to a whole night (or day) of fun. second, i love all kinds of *** play. but if a guy expects me to taste him and recoils at his own, that's our last time. absolutely a deal breaker.

I dont know who could resist her or want to resist her for that matter

Sabrina - you just inspired me. Am feeling pretty horny at the moment and have pretty much feeling like pounding out a nice hot load soon anyway, but after reading your post, I've resolved to take a nice big shot my own ***, be sure I savor the flavor and then go ahead and swallow. love the thoughts you've put in my mind chica...thx!

I love it...have been eating my own for years

I love it when she french kiss me after blowing me. I find it a turn on!<br />
<br />
*Open his mouth wide for Sabrina*

either way

definitely a delicacy

i always want 2 but its sooo hard 2 ask for

I am ready..

sounds erotic

I so totally agree msshelly... licking him after he has been in me.... WILD!

Oh SabrinaGirl, I am willing to eat my own *** from your mouth. Suck my hard **** till I *** in your mouth then lets kiss passionately so that i can share my warm creamy *** with you. I love the taste of my own *** and I am willing to share it with you.

Yes, letsc2010... and do you also do the reverse with her?

could do that!

I'll make sure to give you a double batch then so it's easier for you to share it with me!

I love sharing... either receiving a taste of my own, or sharing a taste of his.... either way, sharing is intimate and hot! Share away!

No, not really. I love making a man take his own *** into his mouth and swallow it.

I love your confindence, in all this!

I eat my own *** (and others') all the time. It's much sexier to share it!

You want a manly straight guy so don't make this a dealbreaker.

ahhhh, yessss!

That does sound great and I have never Shied away from kissing a woman after she is wonderful enough to go down on me, but I really love to go down on her after I have shot my load inside her and it is mixed with all her delicious cuming juices. It is a wonderful way to bring her down nice and slow. Then I will move up and kiss her so she can share our wonderful taste with me.

I'm all for it Sabrina. I love to share with my GF.

open wide!

(evil laughter) <br />
<br />
Yes, I can!

I insist by French kissing him no matter how hard he may try to not be kissed. That's how.