Don't Know Why So Many Guy's Have A Problem Kissing After A Bj

I don't know why so many guy's get all freaked out about kissing their chick after a bj. I don't see any problem with it at all. Your GF or FB or whoever your with. She's sucking on your **** and you *** in her mouth, I just make sure she swallows before I kiss her but I don't mind the kissing after a BJ; same goes for when I'm eating her out :)

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I loved it when my wife used to keep some *** in her mouth and give it to me, & when I came in her I went down on her and give it back to her. Its all about LOVE. Unfortunately she passed away 6 years ago.

just like to say "thank u " in lovely way ^ ^

bring on the snow-ball and the ********

I have no problem with this even if a little of my *** is still in her mouth. It's just me.

Well, you're never supposes to kiss a hooker on the lips...

Wasn't talking about a hooker but your right. That's one place I wouldn't.

I know you weren't, I was just being an *** and making a sexist joke (all women are hookers, etc.)... and yes, I am female. :-P

bahahaha totally did not get your joke :(
Not sure if it's because I'm tired or not. Though you call your self a hooker aye? ;)

Im physically female.... But personality wise... Im mostly a dude.

More like... H-h-h-herpes!

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