Waste Not – Want Not

Unfortunately, it's not every time that my wife sucks me to completion. But when she does, I always look forward to the kiss that follows. I've always liked the taste of ***; it's never bothered me. To some men and even women this may sound strange, but to me sex is sex - enjoy it and savor it to the fullest.

Why would *** be good for a girl, but not for a man? Our typical encounter starts with some soft caressing - she is definitely a 747 and takes a long time to warm up. I'm patient though, and persistent. Once I feel her legs opening up, I know she is willing. I slither down her body and start licking her ***** - I can spend a long time down there and love every minute. I'll usually take her to her first ****** this way, and then climb up her body to let her cool down a bit. At this point she'll either start jacking me off, or let me slide my rock-hard **** into her wet *****. Sometimes, but seldom, she'll suck me at this point. I think I like it best though when we ****, because it feels so good to be inside her when she is so wet. I can last a long time, and she'll usually ask me to stop before I ***, and usually after having another ******. This is when I'll lay on my back and let her have her way with me. If she sucks me off, I'm usually quick to *** from the excitement and pure pleasure; I love knowing she is tasting her own ***. The taste of her kiss afterward, with both our *** all mixed together, is absolutely the best. If she happens to finish me off with her hand though, I love licking her fingers clean and then kissing her. The BEST though is when I can **** her long enough to *** in her *****, and then give her one last licking to taste my ***, her ***, and give her one last fabulous ******! So yes - I love to kiss after oral sex, or any sex, and I love the taste of my own and my wife’s ***!
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2 Responses Sep 10, 2012

I feel the same way as you i love eating a nice ******** after and sharing it with her now my wife doesn't usally suck me till i *** but i have blasted off a few times without warning her and most of the time she will only taste a little and rub the rest on my **** guess that's why she always wants me to full her **** with my ***!!

pretty cool bro