Last Nights Warm Kisses

My wife was at work as I continued to get more horny from reading your stories on EP. Once we showered and climbed into bed, she began slowing stroking my hard **** as she lied quietly with her soft breath against my neck. I gently pinched her nipples and teased her large firm breasts. She started to squeeze a few droplets of pre come from the tip of my **** and placed it on her lips and kissed me deeply. I then rolled on top of her and gently slid my **** deeply into her. Slowly and deeply pressing in and out of her warm moist *****. When I was close to coming, I slid down and began licking and sucking her hot enlarged lips. I could feel her building as I continued with my hungry mouth. After she trembled into her first release, I once again slid my stone hard penis back into her. We are now deeply french kissing with her juices being shared between us as my **** explodes inside of her. I can again feel her beginning to tremble getting close to another release. I quickly move my mouth back to her **** and work it quickly. My come is mixing with my saliva and her fluids making a wet slippery yummy mix of sex. She again releases more *** to mix with our combined juices. We are now kissing and holding each others faces. Our combined *** only adds to the closeness and honesty of our love session. Exhausted, I roll to my back in bed next to her. But,, NO! she's not done. She takes my semi-soft **** back into her mouth. Still glazed with our combined come, she sucks me back to life. I try again- but just don't have it in me tonight. So she finished herself off using our *** as the perfect lubricant as I kissed her and nibbled her nipples.. Then off to sleep. Up to work in the morning..
j1962 j1962
46-50, M
Sep 24, 2012