The *** Kiss

A former GF had just given me a wonderful oral experience and she swallowed. She moved to my lips with hers and gave me a terrific kiss, and much to my surprise she also shared my *** with me. I had never done that before and it was OK. She laid her head on my chest and said, "Thank you". I asked her for what. She said, you wanted me to swallow your *** and you cared enough about me to not think my kiss and what I shared with you was dirty". She went on to say that if it is good enough for her sexually to suck my ****, it should be good enough for me to kiss her lips afterwards. I had never thought of it that way, but she made real sense.
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I used to be able to self-suck [check out my EP story] -- so I've taken many a load of my own *** over the years.

Remember, a good general never has anyone take a position that he'd never take himself.

Unfortunately, my wife always hated oral sex. The very very few times -- many many years ago -- that I shot off in her mouth -- she acted as if it were battery acid.

I'd show her by self-sucking that having a **** in your mouth is no big deal. I'd show her that taking *** in your mouth is no big deal. I'd show her that swallowing was no big deal.

She'd say, "Fine -- then, do it yourself."

That type of kiss can be so erotic and many women enjoy such "sharing!"

On the flip side I like to kiss her face after she **** in mine!
I know she likes to have me taste myself as well