The Most Intimate Of Kisses...

I have always enjoyed kissing, since I first french-kissed a girl when I was 16 years old.But going back even further, I have always had a bit of a ***-fetish! Almost since the first time I had an ****** (while ************), I would taste, savor and swallow my own ***!  So it might seem natural that I would mix these two loves, the love of kissing a woman and the love of eating ***, but it was a GREAT many years before I finally achieved this!  When I met the woman to whom I would lose my virginity, the woman I would eventually marry, ******* were not really her thing.  She would suck my **** as part of foreplay, but she wanted me to have my ******* while inside her *****... which was fine with me, because that is how *I* liked it best too!  But it didn't satisfy my need (yes, it had become a need) to eat ***!  Though our sex life was VERY good (at least for the firs 10 years of our marriage), I would still ********** privately, and often eat my own ***.  I never felt comfortable sharing this interest with my wife.
Many years passed, we had two children, our sex life waned for another 10 years or so.  But then we got our second wind, and the sex started to get VERY good again!  Older and more mature, I now started to feel ready to share my interest with my wife.  At first, I asked if she would mind if I performed oral sex on her AFTER having filled her with my ***.  She seemed more than a little surprised at my request, but she obliged.  This didn't happen often, but once-in-a-while we would do this, and it satisfied my need in a way that was MUCH better than just licking my own *** from the palm of my hand after beating off, lol!
Over the years, my wife gained more interest in performing oral sex on ME.  It eventually change from being JUST foreplay, to being an occasional sexual activity of it's own.  At first, she would get me right to the brink of ******, then let me *** on her breasts.  Then she got to the point where she would let me *** in her mouth, though she would then spit it out.  But finally, she DID get to the point where she would take it in her mouth, AND swallow it!  And she even seemed to enjoy it!  And that is when I started to make a new request.  After I had *** in her mouth, I told her, I would love to share a kiss with her BEFORE she swallowed!  As with the sloppy-oral-sex, she was a little surprised at first, but she agreed. It was amazing!  It was so incredible to watch my wife suck my **** until I unloaded in her mouth, and to then have her bring her lips to mine so we could share my ***, and french-kiss with our tongues playing in my *****!  Though she didn't want to do it ALL the time (she would give me a ******* about once a month, but the ***-kiss only happened about every 3rd or 4th time), it was quite wonderful when it did!
Unfortunately, our marriage didn't last.  We are now divorced.  But I still get to have this experience fairly often, in my role as a swinger.
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Thanks for the wonderful story! For me, the idea of eating my *** always crossed my mind but I didn't try it until I met my college girlfriend. She was the one who got me started. (I wrote a story about it.) Since she introduced me to it, I haven't stopped.

It sounds like we are very similar in regards to this topic. Eating my own *** after I ********** is a ritual nowadays and it does add a level of excitement for me. But eating creampies or swapping *** is oh so much better!

It's always nice to find others who share our interests... especially when our interests are somewhat unusual. It's nice to know we aren't alone!

i too like eat my own *** when i maturbate - i would love to eat a ******** someday - your story sounds like my fantasy that came true for you - hot story

I now get to enjoy this fairly often, and even with the *** of other men... either shared in a kiss, or while performing ***********. It is truly a joy!

BTW, I also eat my own *** when I **********... and when my fiance gives me oral sex, we ALWAYS share a ***-filled kiss afterward.