Unexpected *******

I stopped by a friend's house last week. She was having a hard week and I stopped by to be an encouragement to her.  We played a game of darts with her and her friend, and then she decided that she wanted to suck on my ****.  She sent her friend out of the room, locked the door, and then came up to me and told me how she wanted to suck my ****.  I started to tell her no - (I am married), and she slid down the front of me, onto her knees, looking up into my eyes as she started unbuckling my belt, I fell silent, and my **** began to speak for me - yes, yes, YES!!! 

She slid my pants down and wrapped her warm and moist lips around my **** - oh my - as she looked up into my eyes, it was amazing.  After she had me good and hard, she stood up and ******** out of her clothes.  I was greeted to beautiful small breasts, a thong and then a beautifully shaved ***** - always been a fantasy of mine!  I kissed her and licked her all over, and when I got down to her ****, she asked me to lay down.  She climbed on for a 69.  It was amazing.  She was truly gifted, and she was also very vocal in her pleasure.  As I was licking and sucking her, she was moaning and squealing and sucking, oh man, I am getting hard just thinking about it again!  Her body was so warm, so tender, so responsive, and her mouth was all the way down to my balls, her throat was warm.   mmmmm
As the excitement was building, I licked my finger and began to lightly massage her ******* - this increased her moaning and squirming so much that I couldn't hold back and I came and came and came - wave after wave hit me, and she continued to suck and swallow all that I had.  I have not *** that hard for way, way too long!  I was rocked so hard by this wonderful gal! I kissed her with pure passion and gratitude!
After I had left, she sent me a text telling me that she could still taste my wonderfully sweet *** on her tongue!

I stopped by to encourage her, but she totally made my week!
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hopefully, U remembered to delete that from your phone.

Yep. I sure did :-)