A kiss goodnight, biggest fear of my life

I closed my eyes so I would act like it was a bad dream. I was 8 years old. Had no clue a kiss goodnight would turn into my biggest fear of my life. I still feel as if it was my fault. 8 till 15. But a knife made me feel alright, For 9 years I just layed there, didn't even put up a fight. Yeah I said no, but didn't stop them, his son is just like him. But it happens to people more then you think. But I think I'll get over it, while some can't even sleep at night. And if they do then ever time they have to wake up in a fright. But I still wish they burn in hell. And I feel sorry for every girl it happens to. They take away their voice and pride. I'm sorry
Karma777 Karma777
18-21, F
1 Response Apr 12, 2012

Thank you for sharing. I hope you find peace...