My First Date

One day I went on a date with this really cute girl in my science class.She know's I like her and stuff and were friends but I asked her to dinner and a movie one night and she said"YES!" I was so excited so we went to the restaurant and to the movies and all,then we went back to her house to you know kiss and the 17 year old that I am I really wanted to have sex with her,but she insisted we should not do that until the third date.I asked her why nd she said "Because your really cute,my rooms dirty,I'm not ready at all so maybe come back next week after our third date and we will have sex." I was still excited.Ok so pretend it's a week later I take her out to a concert and dinner and a drive out movie.So after that we go to her house and you know start making out as soon as we step into her room.She's like kissing me everywhere and then we get naked and all that ****.But when we're like having sex sex like my balls are going into her you know hotdog like thing she farts,and it hurt my balls so bad, I mean she was so embarrassed,I mean I felt bad for the girl.But now were currently dating and having sex every other week.
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Jan 17, 2013