Hmm Lips Sooo Sweet ;)

Well i had liked her for a long time. And she knew it. We were hanging out at her house one night, just chilling watching tv. When she asked me why i liked her because she knew she wasn't perfect. So i explained to her then the reason i was so in love with her. I told how beautiful i thought she was and how much she meant to me. I told her how she had the best personality and i could stay up talking to her for hours if she'd let me (which sometimes we did) She told me it was sweet and kinda looked away becasue the situation got a little awkward.I wanted to kiss her so bad. and i knew she wanted to too.

Next thing i knew were both leaning in for a kiss and then right before her sweet soft lips embraced mine there was a loud knock on her bedroom door. We both jumped startled by it and she went to open it. It was her mom saying my ride was here to get me. Her mom left to go back downstairs and i turned to her. She offered to walk with me downstairs but i said it was okay. we said our goodbyes and i left. No kiss that night.

The next night i was hanging with some friends at the movies. I noticed her standing with a group of her friends and tried to get her attention. She didnt see me so i walked up behind her and covered her eyes and said guess who? she guessed right the first time and i let her go. she then got closer to me and whispered in my ear that she wanted to talk somewhere.

We started walking towards the golf courses in the back of the neighborhood right behind the movie theatre. When we got out of the view of the theatre she slipped her hand into mine and squeezed it. My whole body tingled from her touch. We walked further into the darkness until she stopped and turned to face me. I asked her what she wanted to talk about and she replied 'us'. I was so nervous i could barely speak. I managed to get out what about us'? she said i like you like you like me! i was so happy to here her say that! ive like her for about a year now and to finally here her say it felt amazing! i said now what? and she said close your eyes/! i did and i felt her warm lips kiss mine. it felt so good. we made out in the woods for a while then started walking to her house to continue (she lived in the neighborhood with the golf courses) we got to her house and couldnt contain ourselves. We made it up to her bed and from there it was like magic! sweet magic and it felt sooooo good!

I loved it!

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Beautiful experience! Thanks for sharing!

That's so fulfilling when that happens. Ur very lucky. Hold onto her!!

Simply Great!!! No word ever utterd sound so honied than the avowal of love by one we have already fallen for.It lends a heavenly bliss and takes us to the seventh heaven the moment they are utterd.. Umm and a long awaited, much harboured wish of being cared for and cuddled, a ha.. a real wunderbar!!! Hope u r still together..

or u lovers now

i love your story

Ah! Great story! I'm jealous! :)

awhh thanks im glad you liked it (:

i love your story. I envy you soo bad.wish the same could happen to me...but I am very happy for you.congrats...and thanks for sharing your experience =)

Your Welcome and thanks for the comment!(:

There's something about that first kiss that overtakes us all. Glad you both finally admitted you were into each other and allowed yourselves to explore. Thanks for sharing.