Jenny Was Her Name

All the weirdness on ep today has me looking back on memories. I figure I would share this while fresh on my mind. :-) When I was sixteen and started getting into a lot of trouble at school, my parents shipped me off to this semi religious school. God was a light undertone to everything at that place but they never came out and said they were a religious priviate school. Plus the building was an old four story church. It still had the pews and all. Anyways, I will always remember my first day there. I was shown to class and sat in homeroom, I sat next to this girl named Jenny. Since I was new, the teacher had Jenny, who was also a student aid, show me around. Now Jenny at first look, was a shy, slightly goth kid. I, for some reason couldn't stop looking at her. I followed her around as she mumbled things here and there about the history of the school and took me to my next class. We ended up having it together. By the time lunch hit, I found myself standing in line behind Jenny as well. I'm a tad socially awkward so I made a corny joke about her stalking me and she just stared at me and made a face. Fine, whatever lady. As I get my lunch and walk to find a table she grabs my arm and plops me down at the nearest one with her. We start talking and get to know each other some. We find out that we actually have a lot in common. We like a lot of the same music, have a similar messed up family and we both secretly like the uniforms. She jokes "Are you kidding me?" "I can't even count how many times I've worn this skirt to Industry." Industry being the shady 18 and up goth/industrial night club she sneaks into. I tell her I've never been and a mischievous grin spreads upon her face. It was the first time I saw a smile light up her gloomy features and it was beautiful. I swear my heart skipped a beat. I chalked it up to me being happy to have made a friend in this strange school. Over the next couple of months, Jenny and I became joined at the hip. She had a personality I've never come across, I couldn't resist her. At first look, like I said, a shy, gloomy looking goth kid. Getting to know her, she was this ray of light, so happy and bubbly, I loved being around her. Her smiles, rare at first, would soothe whatever troubles I had going on. Even though we lived about thirty minutes from each other, we would find ways to hang out on the weekends. Then we would just go back and forth staying at her parents house or mine. Luckily our parents didn't give a crap so no one questioned why we were always with each other, hell we didn't question ourselves. I had some of the best teenage years with this girl. She brought fun and a little more trouble into my life. Getting baked walking to school, doing bumps in the girl's stall together, drinking md's in the empty confession booths. All while maintaining high grades. We would spend our weekends partying like typical teenagers or holed up in bed watching sappy chick flicks. Whatever we were doing, I was just happy to be doing it with her. One night she said she wanted go to to Industry. I was uneasy, a goth club? Plus I didn't want to get kicked out and in even more trouble for being on stuff. I had already took some liberty caps and being at a club was a horrible idea. Of course though, I can't say no to her. So I find myself in this dark club with industrial music blaring and vampire looking people every where. Of course by this time I'm already tripping and that environment is starting to freak me out. I'm wide eyed and clutching Jenny every where she goes. She turns around and holds me while rubbing my back, whispering in my ear to relax. She is there with me and no harm will ever come to me while she is with me. I believe it. I start to calm down a bit. I've never shroomed at a club again and I don't think anyone ever should. From what I can remember, anytime I was scared, I just wrapped my arms around her and listened to the music. We swayed around and I had my eyes closed, her holding me. I was seeing myself dancing in the woods and my body shrinking and expanding to the music, the Jenny was calling out to me. I told her to come dance with me. As soon as she touched me,,sparks started to fly. She brushed back my hair and light traigled behind on me where she touched. I laughed and told her I always knew she had the magic touch. I was starting to feel good, even when I opened my eyes and saw all these....bad things, these white blobs and the room closing in on me. I just kept closing my eyes and would go to dance with Jenny in the woods. I told her all my thoughts, my secrets, fears, hopes and dreams. I felt something cool on my neck. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. My body was soaking up this icy blue thing fusing itself to me. In reality, I overheating in the club so Jenny took me out back and was rubbing a piece of peach on me. Thinking about it now, I laugh because I never asked her where she got a peach from. I wanted nothing to do with drinking water so she was feeding me pieces of peaches she was cutting with her pocket knife. While on shrooms, fruit to me taste like nectar from the gods. Jenny later tells me she couldn't stop laughing how I was sucking on her finger like a lunatic. While on the trip, it felt like my body was shriveled up and the nectar was hydrating me. We walk to a park and start swinging on some swings and talk. By this time, hours had went by and it was almost three in the morning and I'm coming down. I go to lay in a tire swing and Jenny starts pushing me. As I'm laying there upside down, I see her face come in and out of frame. I can't help but notice she is still glowing and she looks like an angel, she was my gurdian angel for the night. I'm relaxing to the motion and feeling happy as a clam when she pulls me up out of the tire swing to say it's time to go. I'm mumbling about being sad because I want more nectar from my angel and she laughes. She's has me standing right in front of her and we are looking at each other. She says "I'm no angel J, I'm a demon here to steal your soul." She leans in and kisses me. I freeze at first because I'm thinking "demon, huh?" but then I start kissing her back. It's slow at first and we have our hads at our sides. She wraps her arms around my waist and I wrap mine around her neck. We kind of just went for it. Jenny has these plump Angelina Jolie lips that I would be lying if I said I've never thought about kissing. Her eyes are kind of big as well, reminding me of animie girls. She has a cute little nose, hair black as night and tanned honey skin as well. As we are kissing, I'm thinking about all this, why I don't know. After a while we break apart and walk to her house holding hands. After I take a shower, I change and crawl into her bed. She's already crashed out. I lay on my side away from her, pondering the night. She rolls over and wraps her arms around me and pulls me to her. I fall asleep instantly. The next day we got up and did our thing like usual, never talking about what happened. Well, she talks about me tripping and her laughing but we don't mention the rest. A week of school goes by and on Friday morning we are hanging in the basement of school before we have to get to class, doing stuff that we really shouldn't be doing. As Jenny is hitting the bullet while sitting in the stored confession booth, she tells me she actually has a confession. She tells me what I already know about that night and gets upset when I tell her I remember everything. She thought I was too far gone and felt bad for taking advantage in my state. Ha, well yeah, I wan't that gone. She starts pushing me, telling me that I was an *** for making her feel bad for a week. I'm laughing because, well it's funny to me. She's pushing me so much that I'm sliding to the other end of the confession booth and fall out the other side. I flip into the little pool once used for baptisms and she lands right on top of me. I'm laughing even harder because this all looks so ridiculous and we need to get to class. I tell her to get off me so we can get going. She says no, she's still mad and wants to talk. I tell her we will talk later. Jenny then pushes my arms down to the sides of my head and starts kissing me hard. My mind is going blank and before I know it, one thing leads to another. We were very late to class and we dated for for a year after that. :-)
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That was a wild trip and a great story eroti as well as loving.


I also have to add that I need to try better shooms. The one time I did them wasn't as good as this.

Maybe you just need a higher dose. Be careful though. A bad trip is a hell of a bad trip!

Mine got me lost in a set of corals at a rodeo I wasn't in.

Haha...PLEASE share this story!!!!!!

I second that haha.

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That was a great posting. I fell in love and made it with my best friend on my 13th birthday party sleepover and we took our relationship through the end of highschool. Your experience sounds like a very beautiful time in your life.

Love Poem by Leigh Hunt<br />
<br />
Jenny kissed me when we met,<br />
Jumping from the chair she sat in;<br />
Time, you thief, who love to get<br />
Sweets into your list, put that in:<br />
<br />
Say I'm weary, say I'm sad,<br />
Say that health and wealth have missed me,<br />
Say I'm growing old, but add,<br />
Jenny kissed me.

Aww, that was very good. :-)

This was written 1800-something. I love it. And I am a Jenny!

Its great when stars align and nights like that happen.

Oh to be young again. Haha. :-)

Yup. Walking through the the park with Christie. A 2liter bottle of rootbeer and rum in one hand, her hand in the other.

*Excuse the typos, I wrote this on a touchpad kind of fast.