Kissed A Girl And I Liked It

So I kissed a girl and I liked it.... can't help thinking I liked it a little too much.

If you have read my other stories you will know I have been having and on-going situation with a girl that I really like! To me she is perfect, I never thought I could feel this way about someone, when all my friends were getting boyfriends I could never understand what they were feeling. But now I do. I see her every day; she's one of my best friends which makes it even harder! I don't know why it's her that I've fallen for...but to me she is so perfect. Blonde wavy hair, brown/green eyes, she's got a wicked smile too which can't help but make me happy. Like literally I find her so funny and she can always cheer me up if I'm having a 'bad day'. When I sit next to her in class and we're just chatting away I sometimes just think to myself how beautiful she is, I look at her face and her eyes and her lips that I just want to kiss so badly. You know that urge? It's so hard sometimes to stop myself playing with her hair or touching her in some way. I know that sounds strange to anyone that has never felt this kind of attraction to a person but I honestly have to stop myself. It's not like she isn't the same, if you've read my other stories then you'll know that there have been quite a few occasions where we have ended up kissing, falling asleep together cuddling. The last time this happened was only a couple of weeks ago at a party, we just started kissing, oh it was so good! We were both a little drunk but it was still hot...her lips on mine. This is kind of where I struggle, we have these nights, we go out together and call them 'dates' and we say they're cute and romantic but at the end of it all I'm left just as confused! She still talks about guys in a romantic sense, and I do too… So we can be sat there having a conversation about these guys we find ‘hot’ and I’m thinking to myself… what am I doing? I want you. I don’t know what to do, I value her friendship so much that I’m worried she won’t feel the same…. Any advice welcome, or just your general thoughts on the situation…be as honest as you like!
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Go with the flow you'll never know until you ask or you gonna go crazy thinking what if. But there's a chance that you friendship will be different I know i was in the same situation.

No offense but quite cliche. But i totally understand i had a situation like this before i figured out who i was. Talk to her bought it explain ur feelings before something tears u apart. I waited n thats exactly wat happend my rents tore us apart. I totally understand ur urge too. N tbh it doesnt go away or lessen it just either gets satisfied or not. But all i can say is tlk to her n im here if u ever need advice.

What are you fretting about? So what if you're in that naughty little neverland between being friends and being lovers? It can be a very delightful place;) If you'll only stop being anxious about where you might or might not be going, you'll be able to really enjoy exploring the wonderful possibilities of where you are right now. I really think you're going to end up making love, because that's where it went for me in a very similar relationship that's still deliciously evolving. Relax and take it as it comes, and don't be scared to take it to the next level when the moment feels right;)

Ask u she ever thought about a girl in sexual way

I'm going through the same thing with my best friend, wish you all the best with her and hope it works out :)


go and tell her, i think you'll have a happy end:) good luck!

be honest with her, i believe if she was meant to be with you, she is probably waiting for you to tell her that. otherwise you can always have me, though i'm not blonde :P