She Didn't Want Me Anymore

I've only ever been with a woman once. I know that there's plenty of time in my life left. I'm young and there's still so much room for experimentation. I'm 18 years old, in my first year of college and my first year out from under the watchful eyes of my parents. It feels like a brand new start where I can be exactly who I want to be, not who I'm expected to be. Typing this now, it sounds so cliché. But I'm telling you, it's true.

This woman, I'd call her a girl but it's not near powerful enough for her, I will refer to as D. That's what I'd call her in person anyways. She's beautiful in every way. She's gorgeous without knowing that she is. Her fair skin and auburn pixie-cut hair makes her stand out in a crowd. She's short, and hates being told so. She's skinny but not lacking in curves. She's intelligent beyond compare. It seems she doesn't even try when it comes to school but she flies through receiving "A's". You would think that maybe she's taking easy classes, but it's not the case. She's studying physics. When asked why, she smiles and says "Why not? It's fun and easy."

Our first time together was like nothing I've ever experienced before or after. We were in her dorm and we made out. That sounds so "un-special" now. But the passion in the room was so thick you could've cut it with a knife. Those kisses were soft, like kissing a woman should be, but with all of the firmness of someone with sexual need. We kissed for hours that day.

I left her room that evening and hoped I'd see her soon. I did, but only in the classroom. She decided after that afternoon that it didn't feel right to her what we did. She's proud to be a lesbian but she knew she was using me as a playtoy. We hang out occasionally as friends but nothing will ever be the same between us. I miss her almost every day.
shortkad shortkad
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013