My First Grrl Kiss...

 My first grrl kiss was a long time coming. We hung out in a very tight knit group of friends who made it hard to ever be alone with eachother. One day things just happened to work out to where we were going to be alone for 2 hours after school. (college) We hung out with some friends at the coffee shop, and then when the last one headed out to work we decided to walk back to the apartment we all sorta shared. On the way there, there was this beautiful parking lot...lined with trees that were full of brightly colored leaves because it was the prime time of fall. The wind was blowing the leaves down as we were walking thru the parking lot, and we decided to jump in pile of leaves. We took eachothers hands and jumped into the pile, and when we fell, we kind of rolled...and ended up kissing eachother. It was something we both wanted, so neither one of us was trying to end the kiss...until someone started honking at us. We were in a church parking lot on a sunday afternoon service was just getting ready to start...a bunch of christians started honking at us and yelling at us about being sick and going to hell. We started laughing and got up and ran to the apartment. More kissing ensued there, but the kiss in that parking lot........i'll never forget.

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Awww :) I'm a straight 23 (soon to be 24) year old lad and found that so heart warming :). I don't think you both should need to hide your feelings from your friends though. If they're good, decent, proper, non-judgemental friends they'll be happy for you! Glad you shared such a lovely experience together :)

Sounds so good :) Especially where ou show the Christians how it's done!

It's christians like that that give the rest of us a bad name. Just like that *** hole down in Florida lol. You deserve to be with whoever you want, and I believe that if you love each other, God will still bless you both!

That sounds like fun!!!<br />
Smiles :)

bunny should come tease me

Ah, and you're a tease too? Damn grrl!

Thank you. It was so hot, and magical.