When I Got On the Bus Today.

Today I was on my way to the bus stop and when I got there I was probably 10 or so minutes early. I was the only one there until finally a group of people crossed the road and waited at the same stop. I was rocking my nano, so i wasn't paying attention to anyone. I swear it felt like someone was starring at me though, so i looked around and made eye contact with this girl with blond ringlets that was standing by the tree waiting for the bus. She was super cute, really pale skin with rosy cheeks. She had on a sun dress over jeans and some knitted sweater. She was really cute. The bus finally showed up about five minutes later and the -whole- five minutes this girl stared me down. I almost got freaked out but she kept smiling. I'm not bisexual at all. In fact I have a boyfriend. So, i didn't really get that she was into me at first. I got on the bus before her, and I went to the middle and sat down. She came on a few people behind me and she sat down right next to me. She smiled and crossed her legs in my direction so she was sort of facing me. I smiled and introduced myself. I felt like thats what i needed to do??? Anyways, she said her name was Meredith. I asked how she was doing and she said fine, and then she just leaned over and started kissing me! I didn't understand it. In fact I don't think I kissed back at first. But then I just started kissing back. I know we kissed for at least a good 5 minutes or so because she got off the bus at a few stops down, but before she did she wrote her name on a napkin from her coffee cup and told me to call her. I'm sitting her right now looking at this number. I don't know -what- to do. How very confusing, and it happened at 26 years old. Anyways, I hope everyone experiences that once in their lives.



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That is....kind of bizarre. And in some ways, almost creepy. But I'm glad it turned out well for you! :)

Uh, I don't see how having a boyfriend makes you "not bisexual at all". A bisexual person can be attracted to people of both genders, so you could definitely be bisexual and have a boyfriend.

Call her before she go away from your life because once she gone she won't come back again and you'll always regretting that why i don't call her listen true love comes only once don't lose her she kisses you in front of everyone this showed how much she loves you and she don't care who is watching her damm she really likes you don't lose her.

True love at a bus stop? I doubt it.

I really like to talk (and I don't even mind listening), but I hate blowing a whole day like that.

You should call her. Think of it as an adventure and you are going exploring. Call her, meet for coffee and see what happens. Don't let fear or what other people might think hold you back. Because once you start it is very hard to stop.<br />
<br />
Good luck and have fun!

They're right, you'll always kick yourself if you dont call her!!

I hope you called her! You sound like you enjoyed this experience, and you might discover you really like being with a woman instead of/in addition to a man.

Damn why doesnt cool stuff like that happen to me? I wish a cute girl would just kiss me. I hope you called her.

how random! but totally cute! you should call her :)

If you need to know, call her and talk!

whaaaat?<br />
on the BUS...she had the guts this i had to say

call her. you'll regret it if you don't.