It Was Never The Same.

My first kiss ever (I was twelve and the boy had been so mean to me all day!) wasn't special at all, it was awkward and kind of gross. The first time I had ever kissed a girl was on a dare, I was thirteen and decided it would be fun. I was hooked. Her lips were perfection. From that moment on I knew I only wanted to feel that way. Granted I spent all of high school playing both teams, never really wowed by anyone or either side. Until I met her. Normally, I chased very femmy girls, I liked being the one in charge. But she was different, she wore boxers and had short hair, all I wanted was for her to just take me. From those first few messages to the first movie all I could think about was having her. But weeks passed. I was discouraged. Then it happened. Her touch was like fire and her lips had me calling to the heavens. It was better and more intense than I had ever imagined. It was magic. It was powerful. And I knew I only wanted to love her. Though a year and a half wasted, because she didn't only want me. Where does such passion come from if it was never true? How can I still feel such fire for someone who has no interest in me?
MoltenMarshmallow MoltenMarshmallow
18-21, F
May 25, 2012