Quite A Few Actually

Well at partys everyone gets drunk, has a bit of banter and next thing you know some girls tongue is in your mouth! that was considered normal around here so i don't really count it

I kissed a girl... or rather she kissed me

We were going clubbing when i was 17 with our fake ID's and we were drinking but we weren't getting drunk! so we'd had a few and was dancing at Candyclub... as you do. Then we went to get another drink and was talking about our boyfriends whom we had both just broken up with for variouse reasons and she said he was an idiot and should have treated me better and then went onto say we should go to another club down the road. So we did, we started walking and as we went down a long slim ally way she slowly pushed me up against the wall and before i could ask what she was doing she lifted both my hands against my head onto hte wall behind me and started kissing me, slow and passionatly.... We never told anyone about that night
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Perfect! Very sexy live entertainment!

Girls kiss so nice...

What a shame your ex turned up!

It's fine i'm going out with a completly diff girl now, she's even better mwhaa

What a shame

And so did it go anh further

We were there for like 10 minutes groping each other and then my ex came along and was asking what we were doing.... She spun round and said 'Ariana had something in her eye, that i was trying to get out' and turned out he was going to the same club as us so the 3 of us walked together